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Are you feeling anxious about AI?

It feels as if someone has turned up the volume on the chatter about AI. Everywhere we turn there are comments about AI, ChatGPT, bots and technology. Are you feeling anxious about AI?

In this article for AOL news I've commented on the advent of AI, and the impact it might have on mental health and stress in the workplace and in our everyday life. Click here for the article on the AOL news site.

Why might you be feeling anxious about AI?

Let’s look at the feelings that might be underneath the anxiety. You might feel:

  • Overwhelmed by fast paced developments in technology.

  • Embarrassed or insecure about your level of skill or knowledge about AI.

  • Fearful about their job security or prospects, that AI might render them obsolete.

There might also be a more existential set of fears and worries, about what our society and workplaces might look like in the future. There may be excitement or anticipation about this. But there may also be a sense of worry or powerlessness that's making you feel anxious about AI.

Why can change at work being anxiety-inducing?

  • Our sense of self-worth. Work can play a key role in our sense of purpose, self-worth, and self-esteem. This is about more than just our salary. Our sense of identity is often tied up in what we do for a living, and how well we do it. Change at work might feel like a threat to our sense of who we are, and how others see us.

  • Looking to the future. We also look to our work to give us a sense of what our future will look like. If AI could potentially change our future career path, then this might leave us feeling pessimistic, scared, or helpless about our future.

What should you do if your work is bringing in AI and it's making you anxious?

  • Remember that anxiety is a signal. Acknowledge how you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself and be curious about what’s beneath the anxiety. You might be feeling overwhelmed, worried, or insecure. Check out this article for more information and suggestions on how to cope with anxiety.

  • Stay present and consider the reality of the situation. Ask yourself whether your worries are realistic. Are you catastrophising about your future at work? Try to stay present and focus on your everyday challenges and successes, rather than spiralling into worries about the future. Remind yourself that some elements might be in your control, but other elements might be out of your control.

  • Consider voicing your feelings. It might be challenging to voice your worries at work. But you might find reassurance – or solidarity – among your colleagues. Check out this article for suggestions on how to cope with stress at work.

  • Be curious about the positives. Is there a flipside that might make it easier to do the parts of your job that you enjoy?

Keen to explore more?

I love working with people to help them to understand themselves. In counselling we build a relationship where we can look at what might be making you feel anxious about AI and how you can work to overcome it, so that you can feel more comfortable and confident in everyday life. If you’d like to learn more, click here to contact me, or click here to book a free 30-minute introductory chat.

Click here to view the article on AOL News.

Are you feeling anxious about AI?

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